In New York city, our parks are a key component of our neighborhoods and crucial quality-of-life concern. NYC parks works to ensure that quality, accessible open spaces are included in long-term plans for neighborhoods undergoing rezoning and other city-driven development.

The key to successfully designingor recovering public spaces is to achieve a series of ingredient that enhance their use as meeting places. Regardless of their scales, some important tips  are designed for  people’s needs, the human,  scales, a mix of uses, multifunctionality and flexibility , comfort and saftey, and integration to the urban  fabric.

Between 2001 and 2017, the United State alone lost 24 millon acres of natural areas of the equivalent of Nine Grand Canyon National Parks largely due to housing sprawl, agriculture, energy development and other anthropogenic factors, according to a 2019 Reuters report. 

Some of the world’s most famous and frantic cities lay claim to some of the best parks in the world. More than just city parks; urban spaces where you can take a break to reconnect with nature or simply find some quiet time away from the crowds.

The High Line is both a nonprofit organization and a public park on the West Side of Manhattan. Through our work with communities on and off the High Line, we’re devoted to reimagining the role public spaces have in creating connected, healthy neighborhoods and cities.

The Designing Public Spaces:

Energized Public Spaces Design Guidelines should be used in conjunction with Sector Plan Design Guidelines. This document will be used to guide the design of public spaces within the Energized Public Spaces Functional Master Plan (EPS Plan) Study Area as outlined in more detail in these guidelines.

Despite reaching the ripe old age of 95, Sir David Attenborough is as passionate about the natural world as ever. He may not venture far from his London home these days, but his production team traveled to 27 different countries and employed cutting-edge camera technology to capture breathtaking footage for The Green Planet.

Waste Concern was founded in 1995 with the motto “ Waste is a Resource”. Later Waste Concern Group was formed to achieve a common vision to contribute towards waste recycling, environmental improvement, renewable energy, poverty reduction through job creation, and sustainable development.

TED-Ed’s mission is to capture and amplify the voices of great educators around the world. We do this by pairing extraordinary educators with talented animators to produce a new library of curiosity-igniting videos. Our site,, features these new TED-Ed Originals as well as some powerful new learning tools.

We’re fortunate to have as beautiful a place as planet earth to call home. And let’s not forget, we share this home with wondrous plants and animals, all of whom are doing their part to keep the planet healthy and beautiful. Let’s do our part too. Let’s keep our oceans, forests, rivers, and roads picture perfect and plastic-free.

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